11 May 2012

Well hi there!

I'm back. Possibly. Maybe. (you've heard that before) I was thinking it might be a good idea to keep up with this a little more to let folks (or just my dad) know what I'm up to all summer.

I've got lots coming up that I'm really excited about and I needed somewhere to write it down. Here goes.

Summer job: Bike mechanic at a company called Lose the Training Wheels. I get to put on summer camps in different cities all around the country that teaches kids with disabilities how to ride a 2-wheeled bike. I know, right? I get paid to play with kids and ride bikes. How cool is that?

New Bike: Look 566. I swore up and down I'd never get a carbon bike. Then I rode this machine. Wow. Not to mention a great deal and it's in great shape.

Grad School: I'll be starting in August at Texas Woman's University for my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I'm so excited to be working toward a job that I'll enjoy for the rest of my life.

Other things currently making me happy: my friends. I've been catching up with a lot of people lately and it's been awesome. Goal: keep it up because I'm terrible at keeping in touch with people.

I'm out of town right now working a bike camp but I'll be back in town and I've got nothing to do except ride my bike. (well, that's not true, but I can pretend) Life is good!

Here's a pic of one of my buddies from bike camp this week. I was trying to do the bunny ears; you can just see the tips of my fingers behind his head. This kid is such a riot. AND I got to launch him on a 2-wheeled bike today for the first time in his life. SO AWESOME!!