31 October 2011


Today I finally planted some seeds in the garden box that my dad helped me build! I'm really excited to actually have a yard where I can grow something besides an IKEA bamboo plant (which I still have from 4 years ago). I'm even giving vegetables a shot. Hopefully it's not too ambitious! We'll see what happens....

You're looking at garlic, rosemary, broccoli, snow peas, lettuce, and carrots. I'm staggering the planting of the peas and carrots so I can harvest them at different times and give myself more time to eat everything. Ideally there will be too much for me and I can give some away.

The first seeds will start sprouting in 5-10 days (broccoli, snow peas, lettuce) so hopefully I'll be able to see some progress in about a week. Stay tuned!

Technical stuff: I bought the seeds at Central Market - they all say "packed for 2012" on them. The box is 3' x 5' and took about 12 bags of soil: Scotts premium garden soil (enriched with plant food).  I placed a divider to one side of the box to raise the soil level, giving the carrots and snow peas deeper soil than the rest of the plants without having to put a ton more soil in the entire box.

27 October 2011

Last Meal

My last meal at the Moon Tower - the ghetto bird (pheasant dog on a pretzel bun) and a Polygamy Porter. Yum!!

I'm back

I'm going to give blogging a shot. Again. I feel like this is a bit more personal (and perhaps less obnoxious) than Facebook or Twitter. Plus I have a lot of random things going on in my life that people far away may (or may not) be interested in. Here's to the old college try!